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Tritech Precision Products Barnstaple

Located in Barnstaple, Devon, UK; Tritech Precision Products - Barnstaple was brought into the Tritech Group in July 2003 when the company acquired Alkast to reinforce its place in the investment casting industry. Building on its existing expertise this acquisition provided the Tritech Group with additional capabilities and capacity and further strengthened its position as one of the leading suppliers of aluminium and stainless steel investment castings within Europe.

The original facility offered 12,000 square feet of space but further investment in 2005 and 2009 saw the factory expand considerably. TPP-B employs 50 fully trained personnel and specialises in aluminium investment casting, with the same remit as its sister company in Wrexham. TPP-B also offers a total project management capability from initial design advice through to fully finished component.