EPIC Process

The Tritech Group's EPIC casting process for aluminium investment castings is the culmination of many years of development and combines a unique casting technique with the most advanced process engineering available. The result is consistently enhanced properties leading to lightweight, high strength components that successfully meet the demands of many of today's aerospace and defence manufacturing applications. The EPIC aluminium casting process was developed by Tritech's technical and engineering experts and provides consistent, repeatable, computer-controlled solidification of parts.

The EPIC process ensures small dendrite arm spacing (DAS) achieved throughout the whole casting giving the advantage of fine, defect-free structures with superior mechanical properties, particularly when compared with conventional casting methods. Designers who have traditionally used multi-piece assemblies (at great cost), forged or machined-from-solid, now have the option of utilising a high-strength, thin-wall investment casting process to build their designs - confident that they can use a casting factor of 1.0. The high mechanical properties achieved by the EPIC process make this possible. The added advantages of a reduction in both weight and costs makes EPIC the 'must-have' process for structural and high strength castings.