Investment Castings

Within the Tritech Group, investment casting operations are carried out at two locations - Tritech Precision Products - Wrexham and Tritech Precision Products - Barnstaple. Both of these facilities house state-of-the art investment casting equipment run by teams of professionals with unparalleled experience and expertise.

The investment casting process today still draws on a centuries old "lost wax" technique. However, modern materials controlled by highly sophisticated equipment have seen investment casting evolve into a cutting-edge manufacturing process that is capable of meeting the needs of advanced and demanding applications.

Investment castings produce near to net shape configurations, which provide designers and engineers with a much wider scope of manufacturing options. Added to this is a much greater variety of materials, which includes a wide range of alloys. Herein lies a significant advantage offered by the Tritech Group, in that more than a 100 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys are routinely cast by the company's team of investment casting experts.

The investment casting process at Tritech is capable of producing precise detail and dimensional accuracy for a large number of product applications and can accommodate a broad range of weight, shape and size requirements. The ability to produce near to net shape configurations also means that subsequent machining and fixturing costs are substantially reduced or even negated altogether. However, when they are necessary, Tritech can supply these services as part of the entire project with full machining and assembly capabilities in house. This reduces client costs and eliminates the need to find another supplier for these services - highlighting the practical and financial advantages of working with a single, reliable partner.

Due to the depth of understanding and expertise at Tritech, the team has found that in some design cases, several parts can be made as one investment casting - again demonstrating how the company works in the best interest of the application to reduce handling, assembly and inspection costs while still producing superior products.

Further evidence of Tritech's commitment to continuous improvement with the investment casting process can be seen by the results of recent investment within Tritech Precision Products. TPP deployed a major overhaul of its coating techniques and introduced a robotic shelling system. To further complement in-house capabilities, a vacuum melting furnace was commissioned in 2004 enabling Tritech to cast 'high temperature' super-alloys.