Kitting and Assembly

To complement the casting and machining services of the Tritech Group, Tritech Engineering Services offers a full range of surface treatments and final machining, with dedicated areas specialising in the assembly of constituent items, such as inserts, fasteners etc.

Furthermore, the Tritech Group is able to supply families of component parts in kit form on a "just-in-time" basis. The company has many years' experience in the supply of kits, and enjoys integrator status for the supply of kitted parts into the Aerospace sector. Close links between sites enables the Tritech Group to plan ahead with regards to casting manufacture and subsequent machining and surface treatment operations, to ensure that minimum stock levels are maintained to support your kit build requirements. As an integrator, the supply of kits is not limited to machined castings, as Tritech is able to procure all of the component parts required to include fasteners, inserts or even machined from solid items.