Vacuum Castings

As with the investment casting process, the Tritech Group offers a superior service in the production of high quality vacuum cast components. Offering both air-melted materials and vacuum melted super alloys the range and capability is comprehensive.

Tritech Precision Products has developed a high quality skill set with super alloys since it successfully commissioned and installed an advanced vacuum furnace during the 4th quarter of 2004. Designated TRIVAC 1, the machine was designed by Leybold Heraeus and has a VIP 125kw powerpack. The furnace has a 40 kg melting capacity and the mould chamber is 500 mm in diameter with a depth of 500 mm, which can accommodate larger components (up to 0.5 m).

Typical alloys that can be melted are nickel-, cobalt- and iron-based super alloys including, but not limited to:

  • Nimocast alloys
  • Inconel alloys
  • Mar-M range
  • Stellites
  • VMA range
  • Vac melted 17-4PH